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dis gurl eyem seeing NEVER getz wet wen were doin stuff 2gether.. wut shuld eye do!?!?

If she doesn’t get wet at all, try using some lubricant. It works, trust me.

Sometimes when I’m about to finger my girlfriend, or have sex, shes not wet. But other times, she is. I don’t like to use lubricants that much, they;re messy. So what I do in an attempt to get her wet is

  • strip her down to only her panties.
  • play with her breasts a little, nibble on her nipples. This turns girls on, TRUST ME.
  • when you’re ready to go down there, start rubbing her clitoris through her panties. My girlfriend says it feels better than just rubbing her clit without her panties on, since the fabric will rub against her and make her feel good.
  • move down to her vagina, and rub it through the fabric.
  • then, I take off her underwear with my teeth (she loves it) and lick her clit/vagina a little.
  • I rub the opening of her vagina, but don’t actually stick my finger in all the way, just a little.
  • once I start to feel my finger getting wet or sticky, I slowly stick my finger in all the way, then begin sliding it up and down, slower then faster.
  • after a while, I spread open her legs a little more with my other hand, then stick another finger in and eventually another. My girlfriend can take up to 3 fingers in.

Hope this helps, good luck bro!

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My boyfriend wants to finger me. It’s my first time. What should I do or expect?

One question you shuold ask yourself is are YOU ready? Don’t let your boyfriend do it if only he is ready, it should be a mutual decision. If you are ready, keep reading.

First off, make sure his hands are clean. That should probably be obvious already, but just in case. As far as the possibility of “popping your cherry,” it most likely will not happen, unless he uses more than one finger and goes in deep enough. But since it is your first time, tell him to be more gentle. If you are not wet when he wants to finger you, try doing some foreplay. But if you still are not wet, use some lubricant so it won’t hurt as much. During fingering, people usually kiss/make out, so try that. Good luck!

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my dick doesnt stay hard during sex, any advice?

That’s totally normal, actually. You should try having A LOT of foreplay before you have sex though! And dry humping works too, your penis and her vagina rubbing through fabrics could possibly make you get an erection, and her get wet. If you wanna satisfy her, but can’t have sex maybe you should try oral. Or better yet, the 69 position. If you’ve tried everything and it still isn’t up, you should go to your doctor to get it checked out.